Alley Art Festival to Present Unique Puppetry and Cosplay Parade

 The Gaia Procession at the 2022 Alley Art Festival is a Puppetry (otherwise known as Giant Puppets) and Cosplay Parade that opens the festivities for the day. Beginning at 11am and lead by Twisted Heart Puppetworks, members of the North County community are invited to march in the procession with any creation or costume that ties in with the theme of NATURE SPIRITS. These can range from animal cosplay to giant fairy puppets and anything in between. This procession is open to the public. Artists and enthusiasts of all ages are encouraged to attend! 

Attend a May 15 Workshop to Build Your Own Puppet!

Tania Yager from Twisted Heart Puppetworks will be hosting a giant puppet workshop for families on June 5th from 11 to 4pm at Backfence Society (110 S. Citrus Ave., Suite F, Vista), in preparation. The suggested donation for that event is $5 for kids (age 7 and up) and $8 for adults and she encourages individuals to come with a roll of duct tape, 1 box cutter, PVC pipe (long enough to make handles/rods for giant puppets) at least one large piece of cardboard (think moving boxes or bigger) and a snack for break times.

Yager also warns that while the parade is open to all ages, the workshop is not suitable for children under 7 and ALL children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult as they will be working with sharp objects and hot glue and injuries can occur.

She is collecting donations at Backfence society of

  1. spray paint and acrylic paint (house paint ok too)
  2. Hot glue sticks and hot glue guns
  3. Large size cardboard (in good condition)
  4. Box cutters

If you are interested in participating or getting more information, please email Tania Yager at

You can also visit the FB workshop event site at the link below.